Spoilt for choice ✓

Choice is a good thing, but there has never been a bigger selection of deals available to property buyers. We help you to decide the most important features of your mortgage, and then search the huge number of products to find you the best one. This is often the reason that clients turn to us, as they want to access all of the mortgages available to them, and to feel confident that they have the most appropriate deal given their current and planned circumstances.

Credit Impaired Clients ✓

Getting a mortgage when you've got a bad credit rating is difficult, but often not impossible. It may feel like you have no hope of buying a home with defaults, CCJs, or a bankruptcy on your record, but don’t give up before we have a chance to investigate and understand your circumstances. We have a good record of getting credit-impaired clients mortgages, although it is often with specialist lenders who charge higher rates as they consider the deals to be at a higher risk. At the very least, we will help you to understand how to improve your credit score, and give you some guidance on how to improve it.

Self-Employed Clients ✓

Self-employed borrowers have access to the same mortgage products as everyone else, but often struggle to prove the income to support the levels of borrowing that they need. Often, lenders will ask for at least two years’ worth of company accounts, SA302s or tax returns. Self-employed contractors may also have to provide evidence of work already lined up for the future. Not all lenders are the same, however, and we specialise in overcoming the hurdles that self-employed clients face, by taking the time to understand our clients’ business model and finances before approaching the best lender for that particular client.

Newly-qualified Practitioners ✓

We understand the difficulties that newly-qualified dentists and doctors have when trying to get a mortgage. Many lenders require them to be in practice for two years before they will consider lending to them. However, there are sympathetic lenders out there who understand the earning potential of this group of clients, and prefer to look at every case on its merits. Some of these lenders will even consider clients with less than one year's accounts. Tracking down these lenders, and preparing the case for our client, is where we come in!

Expat Mortgages ✓

Expats working out of the UK do not fit the ‘normal’ criteria for most lenders and, therefore, need individual solutions when sourcing a mortgage. Whether purchasing one property for future residential use, or maybe to be used as the family home while the main earner is away, we can source a product to meet your needs. Alternatively, if building a portfolio of properties in the UK, we can help find the right BTL products. Providing the best-suited, non-standard mortgages is what we excel in, and we are happy to work with Expats to find the best solution for them.

Think about it...

A mortgage is a loan secured against your home or property. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments on your mortgage or other debt secured on it.

Some buy-to-let and commercial mortgages are not regulated by the FCA.

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